Node- & Harvesting-Services for NEM

Node Tracker

You can use this free tool, to get an E-Mail notification when the Node you are harveting to goes down or has a restart.
We check all Nodes every hour.

Just put in your E-Mail address and the Node IP or Hostname
(Can be found in Nano Wallet -> Harvesting Panel)
We only use your E-Mail for this purpose. If you sign out, your E-Mail will be deleted!

You can also use the hostname instead of IP.

Like this free service?

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Nodes with free harvesting slots

Check the list below, to find a Node with free slots. You can just copy / paste the Node IP into your Nanowallet.
Click the "Use custom Node" Button to change from dropdown to inputfield:

Node IP Free Slots Last Check 868 of 1000 32 minutes ago 276 of 500 41 minutes ago 218 of 500 32 minutes ago 135 of 160 39 minutes ago 126 of 128 40 minutes ago 108 of 500 32 minutes ago 87 of 200 14 minutes ago 81 of 100 32 minutes ago 80 of 200 41 minutes ago 77 of 100 41 minutes ago

Auto reconnect to Node

Coming soon