Node- & Harvesting-Services for NEM

Node Tracker

You can use this free tool, to get an E-Mail notification when the Node you are harveting to goes down or has a restart.
We check all Nodes every hour.

Just put in your E-Mail address and the Node IP or Hostname
(Can be found in Nano Wallet -> Harvesting Panel)
We only use your E-Mail for this purpose. If you sign out, your E-Mail will be deleted!

You can also use the hostname instead of IP.

Like this free service?

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Nodes with free harvesting slots

Check the list below, to find a Node with free slots. You can just copy / paste the Node IP into your Nanowallet.
Click the "Use custom Node" Button to change from dropdown to inputfield:

Node IP Free Slots Last Check 937 of 1000 4 minutes ago 126 of 128 11 minutes ago 124 of 160 10 minutes ago 98 of 500 4 minutes ago 94 of 100 2 minutes ago 85 of 100 10 minutes ago 77 of 100 4 minutes ago 72 of 100 10 minutes ago 67 of 100 12 minutes ago 56 of 100 10 minutes ago

Auto reconnect to Node

Coming soon